is a GPT website, which allows you to earn points to buy real-life items that can be mailed to you, or digital items, such as eShop codes, that can be emailed to you.

Free eShop Points for your 3DS or WiiU - And More

     The Nintendo eShop is a great place for games available in stores, like Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby and the upcoming Fire Emblem game, and games that you can only buy online, like Pushmo, Might Switch Force!, and Fluidity Spin Cycle. However, the best of the games usually aren't free, and if you have no money, then you may feel like you're out of luck. Fortunately, there is a legal and reliable way to get free points in the Nintendo eShop. Let me explain it for you.

How it Works

     The websites I like to use are called GPT(Get Paid To) sites. The way they work is they have you complete surveys, download software, complete tasks, refer people, or do other things in order to earn points(I'll tell you how to do these things further down). When you complete the offers, the website earns a bit of money from advertising, and you earn some points, depending on the offer you completed. One point is roughly equal to one American cent. Luckily, each offer is worth about 20-50 points. There even some worth more, in the range of 200 per offer for special offers! On top of that, sites offer contests from time to time, giving you another way to earn points. Your goal should be 2000 points, the cost of a eShop code. There is hardly a wait because the code is emailed to you.

     Prize Rebel is the first GPT site I've ever used, and probably my favorite.  I'll list the pros and cons for you, as well as some steps to get you started.


-Nice, helpful forum

-High chance of getting your points

-Lots of relatively high-paying offers

-Daily surveys


-Offers make take a while to give you your points

Getting Started:

     First, you'll want to make a new e-mail address just for Prize Rebel. Free sites like Gmail and Hotmail are usually the best. Prize Rebel and the sites that you complete offers at will send you emails pretty frequently, so it's best to have a different email just for this purpose.

     Secondly, sign up at this page:

Prize Rebel Signup Page

     Keep a couple of things in mind. This website is designed for older users, so smaller children should probably not use it(the age limit for registration is 13, but most of the offers are targeted at the 18+ audience). Always use common sense when giving information online. Here is a website that gives a little information on protecting your information on surveys. What it says is true; you won't be able to make a huge amount of money doing surveys online. However, I have managed to get 80$ in prizes from Prizerebel just in my spare time, so feel free to be the judge of that yourself.

     In addition, Prizerebel offers download offers too, for around 50-75 points per offer. If you don't know a lot about computers, I wouldn't use those offers. If you are fairly knowledgeable about computers though, go ahead and download Sandboxie and try them out, as they're a great way of earning more points.

     Hopefully you'll enjoy Prize Rebel as much as I do!

     Rewards1 is another useful website for getting points for completing offers. Here's a list of the pros and cons:


-Chat with members

-Also has a helpful forum

-Nice site design

-Daily polls for a small amount of points


-Slightly confusing layout(nothing too confusing)

-A lot of the offers are paid, so you'll have to look harder for free offers

The signup page is here.

I hope you like both of these sites and achieve your goal of free 3DS or Wii U eshop points.